Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pant's Logbook by Birds on a Wire

Yesterday Birds on a Wire (Ginger) stopped by so we could swap a few Letterboxing items. Before Christmas she very kindly offered to take a very tiny stamp carved by Wanda of Wanda and Pete home to mount for me. The rubber was very thin and we were worried that it would break easily. Low and behold not only did she return with the stamp mounted but she made this amazing logbook to carry the stamp in. The stamp is designed to look like a pair of Wanda's favorite hiking pants after a comment I made about the Sisterhood of Traveling Letterboxers. Now the stamp will travel with me as a Personal Traveler in it's very own pair of Hiking pants. You can't tell but the stamp is in the front pocket of the logbook. Way too clever! As a bonus there is actually another functioning pocket on the back side of the logbook. Hum....I wonder what I could put in there? Thanks Ginger I totally love the logbook and really appreciate your creativity!

1 comment:

  1. so totally wonderful and clever! Glad you shared it... :-)


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