Saturday, January 14, 2012

Steampunk Cards Made with Handcarved Stamps

I typically post cards and paper crafts I make on my crafting and cooking blog:

However, these cards were made with my Traveling Steampunk Event Stamps - Sea Dwelling Legend, Summer Romance and Beadle Halligan. In keeping with the Steampunk theme each card features lots and lots of clock gears. I have used Beadle Halligan in LTC's already but the Sea Dwelling Legend and Summer Romance stamps are rather large and may take quite a bit of work to design an LTC for. It was fun to play around with them today although these cards took me hours and hours to create. When I craft I always make two identical cards at the same time just in case there is a disastrous error. Usually one card turns out just a wee bit better than the other. After creating these cards I think I may dip into my traveling event stamps on a more regular basis when I need something unusual or interesting on my cards or other paper crafts. My crafting blog features 4 Steampunk flavored cards I made recently but the stamps used on the cards are store bought stamps.

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