Monday, July 30, 2012

Munchkin Mr. & Munchkin Mrs. LTC's

Munchkin Mr. and Munchkin Mrs. were the 9th and 10th carvings for my Wizard of Oz Box of the Month plants. I wanted both LTC’s to be almost identical in design since they are a couple. I am finally feeling like I am on the home stretch with this series. I just carved the 11th box last night and crated the LTC’s to match tonight. I will switch out the stamps on Wednesday and will then be down to my last image. I am not sure if I would do a box of the month series again in the near future just because of commitment needed to pull it off. Although I do love these sweet images and it worked out perfectly because there were 12 in total. My other issue actually involved the Pei’s of adventure. The path I placed this box on is a bit rocky and hard on the Pei’s paws. They walk on it very slowly and I always feel like I am pulling them along the trail to get to and from the box. If I were to plant a series like this again I would need to pick a path that is easier for them to maneuver than the one I selected.

On a side note I am thinking of planting a permanent box in this hiding spot once the series is complete. I wonder what would be a good one to leave in its place? As long as I don’t need to visit it every month I will be happy and so will Raisin and Jay.

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