Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boxing Without the Chiller and Meeting SonDog for Lunch

With the Letterboxing Chiller delivered to do his umpire gig at Hunters Restaurant and Steakhouse (very disturbing decor by the way) I was free on Saturday to box on my own. I turned the PT Cruiser to the east, opened my Box Radar on my cell phone and within 10 minutes I had my first find in the car to stamp in. It was a magnetic box hidden under a mailbox. I was a little nervous nabbing the box in a neighborhood that was in plain sight but managed to conquer my fears after driving past it three times. I am sure they thought I was a stalker. The clues said to knock on the door and say “hi” but with all the “no trespassing” signs along the fence and in the driveway there was no way I was knocking on that door.

From the neighborhood I zeroed in on two additional boxes using the Box Radar application ( http://www.boxradar.com )and It was cemetery boxing time. Finally a place where I feel comfortable. It’s amazing how the living can scare you. I was able to locate both boxes without any issues thus proving once and for all that Anthony is indeed the Letterboxing Chiller. Boxers beware if he is in the vicinity you won’t be finding any boxes.

As an added bonus to my afternoon I was able to meet up with Sondog and her enthusiastic son Snakeboy for lunch and exchanges. Sondog was also very gracious and brought along her simply beautiful Letterboxing Commemorative event box that featured Indian relics and two beautiful stamps depicting the Nez Perce. It was great to visit, learn more about the boxing community in Northern Idaho (most active in Spokane) and to enjoy a hearty meal. I did myself proud on this visit and actually remembered to look up her Personal Travelers before hooking up (I tend to forget) and I also brought along one of mine.

Although my boxing afternoon was cut short due to a cell phone that was dying and a car charger that was on the fritz I made it just in the nick of time to a Radio Shack with only 7% battery and almost zero clue on where I actually was. Fortunately the new charger juiced me back up so I could make it back to the hotel just in time to meet with the Chiller for our evening plans.

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