Monday, July 9, 2012

Yes It's Store Bought - Paper Angel Rubber Stamps

I have been in heavy duty LTC mode for quite some time and the back of my cards are dismal at best.  Since I have had zero luck carving my own trail name and I am ending up with hand craps every time I need to write it on the back of the cards I have finally turned my dilemma over to the professionals by ordering a custom stamp from Paper Angel.  I have had them create stamps for me in the past to use on the back of hand made cards and decided it was time to let them create one more to help expedite my LTC process.  I just received the stamp tonight and I am pleased by the end result.  Although I will still be adding the name of the LTC on the backs I now will have my trail name nicely printed and can list the limited edition information in a neat consistent manner.  Thank you Paper Angel! 

Paper Angel Personalized Rubber Stamps:

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