Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Two of Boxing in Utah with CW Sun Seeker

Painted Hose in Ogden

Painted Horse in Ogden

CW Sun Seeker Searching for Treasures

Painted Horse in Ogden

America's Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial
Ogden Memorial Gardens

Painted Horse in Ogden

CW Sun Seeker Working the Clues

Mr. Bo Jangles

CW Sun Seeker on the Trail

Reading the Clues One More Time

On our second day boxing CW Sun Seeker and I found “Baby Bird Boxer” at the first box we stopped to find. But we knew with regular feeding that the little bird would do just fine on the trail with us so once he was fed we were back in action. In total on Sunday we found 12 traditional boxes and one hitchhiker.

I really enjoyed seeing all the painted horses in Ogden. Although there were 24 of them I only managed to capture 4 of them with my camera (a disgrace to the name Kodak Kelly). You could easily spend part of a day snapping them up with your camera. The horses are located in and around 25th Street and Washington Street.

Since I was tending to the bird quite a bit Cathy and I took turns working the clues but since I had the camera too I managed to snap quite a few pictures of Cathy while we were on the hunt. I am afraid I was also once again easily distracted while we were out and about. The horses, statues and lovely little gardens were enough to grab my attention from the task at hand. In addition when it was my turn to work some clues a Shar-Pei strolled right past me. Naturally I had to stop the owner and ask about her sweet boy. His name is Mr. Bo Jangles. What a cute muzzle he has. She said that there are not a lot of Pei’s in Ogden either. Poor Cathy sat there with Baby Bird Boxer while I disappeared from sight all because of Mr. Bo Jangles.

We boxed until it was pretty dark and then found our way back to the car with flashlights in hand. I was so distracted by the baby bird that I actually walked all the trails in my Crocks. I had originally intended to switch to my tennis shoes at the first box but never got around to it. Fortunately my feet managed okay without too many rocks and sticks making their way into the Crocks.

Late Sunday night in Ogden does not leave a lot of dining options but we managed to find the Pie Pizzeria open and enjoyed some very tasty pizza and cold drinks. I think I was asleep the minute I hit the pillow Sunday night. And fortunately Baby Bird Boxer was fast asleep too. It was so wonderful to box with Kathy while we were in Ogden. I hope I didn’t scare her from boxing with me again in the future. Between my camera, the bird and me wanting to see everything we visited I am sure she was thinking it was next to impossible to keep me on track. Great memories and fun times on the trail for sure!

Pie Pizzeria in Ogden -

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