Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day One of Boxing in Utah with CW Sun Seeker

CW Sun Seeker at the Eccles Community Art Center

Water Fountain at the Eccles Community Art Center

 Sculpture at the Eccles Community Art Center

Water Color Card at the Eccles Community Art Center

Another Section of the Huge Water Color Card at the Eccles Community Art Center 

CW Sun Seeker and I finally find the box at the Eccles Community Art Center

Guess Where We Are? 

CW Sun Seeker and I Stopping for Ribs.  Yummy!!!

Brigham Young Historic Park

Lending a Helping Hand at Brigham Young Historic Park

CW Sun Seeker at Brigham Young Historic Park

City Creek Center

CW Sun Seeker at City Creek Center - Extreme Urban Boxing

Cooling off my feet at City Creek Center

CW Sun Seeker Enjoying the Shade at City Creek Center

Classy Waste Bags for Fido at City Creek Center

City Creek Center

Eagles Gate

Brigham Young's Residences

Brigham Young's Residences
Last Stop back in Ogden to Exchange with Cox Without Sox

Saturday in Ogden I was fortunate to track down CW Sun Seeker (Cathy) before she was in 100% boxing mode and already on the trail. As luck would have it Cathy was able to pick me up at BoxerLover47’s house and off we went. I have known Cathy for years and years but this was my first chance to spend a day boxing with her without being in a huge group of Letterboxers. I think even Lizman (Alex) has spent more time boxing with her than I have.

Our first box was a quick find at Weber Collage. We were a little nervous that it was missing but discovered that the last boxer to visit had slipped it between the wrong rocks. We moved it back after stamping in and headed out for our next find.

The second box we looked for was a mystery. Unfortunately it appeared to be missing. Our third box “The Artist” was located at the beautiful Eccles Community Art Center. We had some strange issues with the clues. We discovered after quite a bit of looking that Cathy’s clues were corrupted. Somehow the system merged different clues together. The top portion of her clues was correct but it blended into another set of clues that were incorrect. At first we were unable to tell what had happened because they merged seamlessly. We were almost ready to give up after walking and walking the grounds over and over again but when we stopped at the car for a water break I check my printed clues and sure enough Cathy’s were corrupted. We found the box in a matter of minutes with the correct clues. We did also tour the house which was amazing. I would definitely recommend stopping for this box and taking the time to visit the art studio.

We worked up an appetite while on the trail and stopped to find the “I Want My Baby Back” Letterbox and not only enjoyed some tasty food but also some very refreshing beverages. It was the perfect timing for lunch before we kicked the day into high gear boxing in Salt Lake City.

Although the event was intended to have us find many of the almost 100 boxes in the 30 mile radius of Ogden we zipped over to Salt Lake to pick up Cathy’s mail and missed it by 5 minutes. Since we were already in Salt Lake we decided to make a day of it and Cathy introduced me to some pretty risky urban Letterboxing at the City Creek Center in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City. This is an amazing new mall that opened in March 2012. Creeks meander through fountains and over waterfalls as you walk between stores. The mall also features a fully retractable glass roof to accommodate any season. They even provide doggy bags so you can clean up after Fido as you stroll through the beautiful walkways with your furry friend. I am not much of a shopper or a mall rat but this mall was really beautiful.

We found three Letterboxes inside the City Creek Center and also Letterboxed in Brigham Young Historic Park, City Creek Park, Eagles Gate, and the Brigham Young’s Residences (the Beehive House and the Lion House). In Salt Lake City we found a total of 10 Letterboxes.

On our way back to BoxerLover47’s (Judy) house for the evening event potluck we also stopped to visit Cox without Sox. Unfortunately she was stuck working because a co-worker went into labor and she had to cover her shift. It was fun because she hid a box in the store that she works in for us to find when we stopped to exchange stamps with her. We also got her personal traveler while we were stamping in. Fortunately she was able to join in the fun the next morning for breakfast.

I can honestly say that the urban plants in and around City Creek Center were some of the most brazen plants I have ever found. Cathy was originally wishing she had a smaller backpack for urban boxing but it turned out to be our saving grace to conceal what we were doing. I will admit I terrorized Cathy with my camera all day but she was a great sport about spending the day with Kodak Kelly. I think she may have also realized I have the attention span of a gnat when there is so much to see. She probably spent about half her time redirecting me back to Letterboxing. Thank you Cathy for your friendship and a wonderful day of Letterboxing!


  1. I will take the word "brazen" as a compliment. :)

  2. A definite compliment! I love your brazen approach to planting. Fearless and strong. I totally love it!


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