Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Raisin Off the Trail Again

 Left Cruciate Ligament Repair in 2011

Both Repaired Ligaments

Right Cruciate Ligament Repair in 2012 (Yesterday)
The Raisin being one not to do things by half measure ended up blowing out her right hind knee (Cruciate Ligament) while I was in Utah.  I noticed she was limping when I returned Monday night but by Tuesday evening it was obvious that it was past the point of return.  I took her to our veterinarian at Eagle Animal Clinic Wednesday morning and they referred me back to Dr. Stoenner at All Pet Complex off of Horseshoe Bend Road.  It only took Dr. Stoenner a minute to determine her ligament was ruptured.  X-rays were not necessary to diagnose the rupture. 
Dr. Stoenner performed Raisin's original surgery in 2011.  She really recovered well from the procedure.  I am very hopeful that her body heals as quickly and successfully this time too.  The unfortunate part of the surgery (besides the cost) is that the recovery time is 12+ weeks.  You must strictly limit their activity for the first 6-8 weeks after surgery to allow the early bone healing.   The first two week they are not even allowed a 5 minute walk.  It's a slow and long recovery.  The good news (besides me having pet insurance with VPI that has covered both surgeries) is that Raisin is naturally a very low activity dog unless we are on the trail.  She helps the healing naturally by not running, jumping or doing a lot during the day while I am at work.  It is just these first couple of days that I need to be home to ice her leg and help her through the pain.
I thought the x-rays above were pretty interesting.  The screws and plating stay in her legs permanently.  Dr. Stoenner used the same number of screws in each leg.  In the bottom picture from yesterday you can see all the staples holding the incision closed for healing.  She will have the staples removed in 2 weeks.
We are trying to make it up to Jay by keeping him up on his walks and I ran errands with him in the early morning too so he was not feeling so alone while Raisin was at the vets office.   Please think good thoughts for Raisin. 

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  1. Wow! I'm so sorry Raisin had to have surgery - poor girl. Hope she recovers nicely!


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