Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Pei-Mas from Raisin & Jay

The Saturday before Christmas Zamzows (lawn, garden and pet supplies) in Boise/Meridian/Eagle sponsors a fundraiser for the Idaho Humane Society where you can have your pet's picture taken with Santa Paws.  This morning Raisin, Jay and I zipped down to help support one of their favorite charities.  They only ask for a small donation but we insist on giving a bit more because we know there are a lot of animals in need.

Great news on the Pei front.  Raisin received a clean bill of health from Dr. Stoner since her knee surgery this past fall.  I can honestly say I have a $4,000 bionic dog now ($2,000 per knee - pins and plates in each knee) and in addition to her excellent health I am also thankful for pet insurance.  I bet if I went back and added up all of Raisins vet, procedure and medication claims from the past 6 years I probably would come out ahead of the pet insurance company.  With Jay I might be loosing money but the piece of mind is worth every penny.

Raisin and Jay wish all of their human and furry friends a Merry Pei-Mas and look forward to seeing everyone on the Letterboxing trail in the New Pei Year!   

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