Friday, December 14, 2012

Seattle Day 3 - Space Needle and Skillet Counter Breakfast

Day three in Seattle started with a quiet ride on the monorail which celebrated its 50th year in service in March of 2012. Anthony and I never use public transportation in Idaho but we became pretty proficient in Seattle riding just about everything they offer in three day’s time. The ride ended at the Seattle Center where we enjoyed a unique breakfast at Skillet Counter. I was not completely sure about my order when I selected to have Skillet Bacon Spread added to my Breakfast Sammy but it was oh so tasty. It was served with dark greens which was an interesting side dish at breakfast. My serving was so generous I was only able to eat half of my meal. In the middle of the Seattle Center there was a large train display which fascinated adults and children alike.

From breakfast we made our way to the Space Needle. We stopped to try to find a Letterbox that was on the grounds but came up empty handed. We also noted a race going down the street in front of the Space Needle. We actually saw several races/events happening while we were in town. All of a sudden you would turn a corner and hundreds and hundreds of people would be running and walking down the street.

We were informed by our elevator steward that the day before the fog had really obstructed the views from the observation deck. Fortunately we had pretty clear skies and were able to take in the views from every angle. I actually felt a little queasy at the top. I could feel the movement of the structure oh so slightly and it made my head and tummy feel a bit unsettled and disorientated. I am not sure if others have experienced the same feeling at the top in the past but I am extremely sensitive to equilibrium shifts and I could definitely feel the movement. Although the views were great the highlight for me was visiting Santa in his Sci-Fi flying car. I was just in time when he arrived to hop in line and have my picture taken. Anthony decided not to join us although I think we could have squeezed him in if we had tried. Santa asked me several times what I wanted for Christmas. Being so blessed I could not come up with a good answer. Seems like the gift of time with those you love is the best gift of all.

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