Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Seattle Day 2 - Pike Place Market & Seattle Aquarium

After breakfast Anthony and I took in the sights, smells and sounds of Pike Place Market as we strolled through the multi levels filled with vendors and shops. I was in complete awe of the amazing flowers and floral bouquets that were being put together and offered at ridiculously low prices. Most were ranging between $10 and $20 and were lush, incredibly large and filled to the brim with seasonal floral offerings. If I lived in Seattle you can bet that I would be down at the market every weekend picking up flowers for my home. For $20 in Boise all you get is a skimpy flower or two in a vase.

Another vendor that really captured my senses was Moon Valley Organics. With their Glass Jar Honey Bears filled with flavored Wildflower, Raspberry and Blackberry honey’s to their balms, soaps and gift packs. I was in honey heaven. While we were in town I was only able to purchase a small medicinal gift pack with Herbal Lip Balm, Moon Melt Lotion Bar and Muscle Rub. Airline restrictions prevented me from picking up a Honey bear but as soon as I landed back in Boise I tracked down their web-site and purchased one of each of the bears for delivery to Boise. I also nabbed free shipping as it was Cyber Monday. I am really excited for my Honey Bears to arrive.

Moon Valley Organics: http://moonvalleyorganics.myshopify.com

With double pierced earlobes (my right ear is triple pierced at the top) I am always on the lookout for unique or interesting (light weight) earrings. We stumbled upon a local Cloisonné Art vendor (Rhonda Tabor Guilford) who creates earrings, pins and pendants using fine silver cloisonné wire and enameled glass fired on copper. There is a minimum of 8 separate firings per handmade piece. Anthony purchased a pendant and earring set for his granddaughter featuring horses. I had a really difficult time selecting an item and finally picked a unique set of earrings featuring a cat on one and a fish bowl on the other. I have worn them twice since returning to Boise. I am not sure if anyone has noticed that they are different but I think they are especially delightful. I also had my eye on the white owls and killer whales.

Cloisonné Art: http://cloisonne-art.blogspot.com

Next we reopened our umbrellas and headed down to the water front to visit the Seattle Aquarium. Coincidentally this was also my big Letterboxing opportunity. I made a pact with Anthony that I would only Letterbox if it was exactly where we would be and it just so happens that there is a box inside the aquarium. The aquarium was pretty busy when we arrived but by the time we left it was packed. Jellyfish are always a favorite of mine. I would watch them for hours. They are always so difficult to photography inside the exhibits. But that never stops me from trying to take pictures. As we made our way from the first building to the second building I was able to stand between the two and nab the Letterbox. I had to take it inside out of the rain to stamp in and then back out to return it to its hiding spot. Anthony waited inside where it was dry and warm while I braved the elements to retrieve the box and put it back. The sea otters were a lot of fun to watch. I am not sure where they get their energy. They were incredibly active while we were there.

Seattle Aquarium: http://www.seattleaquarium.org


  1. You got some awesome pics of the Market! Glad you're having a good time in our neck of the woods!

  2. I was surprised to find produce that I have only seen on Chopped on the Food Network Channel available in the market for sale. Some of the items I don’t even recall the names for. It was a lot of fun checking out all the unique culinary items available.


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