Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seattle Day 2 - Underground Tour & Dragon Fish Dinner

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour was our next stop after the Seattle Aquarium. We were back under the umbrellas for the walk to Maynard’s Public House (Pioneer Square), a restored 1890s saloon. The actual tour is guided walking tour beneath the sidewalks and streets. Although you feel like you have crawled under a house to take the tour (dark, damp, musty, lots of dust and spider webs) the guides are the real gems as they share Seattle’s colorful history during the tour. The actual tour is about 3 blocks as you enter and exit three different underground sections. This was a really unique way to learn about some of Seattle’s very colorful history. They do keep the day tours PG rated for the kids talking about the seamstresses (wink! wink!) who were a very active contributors to the building of Seattle’s and its history.

On our way back to the hotel we decided to stroll back over to Pikes Place Market to sample a few culinary treats since we had completely missed lunch. On our way there we passed a shop that only sells men’s Kilts. Who knew Kilts were so popular in Seattle? We did toy with the idea of bringing Kilts home to the boys for Christmas but after we stopped giggling we decided that might not go over well. I did note several men in the store browsing but the entire weekend in Seattle I did not see anyone wearing one except by the employees in the store.

Our first stop was at Beechers for their famous Macaroni and Cheese. Anthony and I shared a small cup. Then we wandered through a few stores (the umbrella shop is very colorful and the umbrella’s are not over priced), noted the wild street performers and settled on one stick of grilled sausage before heading back to the hotel to try off.


For dinner we hit the pavement and wandered around a bit before deciding to dine at an Asian Café called DragonFish located on Pine Street. Anthony is not a huge oriental food sort of guy but I was thrilled to get oriental food two days in a row. We ordered their All-You-Can-Eat dinner special they were offering. Each entrée, side and dessert was served on a small plate. It was perfect because we had a really nice variety but we were not overwhelmed by an abundance of any one dish. We could pick and choose what ever we wanted and it was prepared fresh as the order was placed. Their Chocolate Heaven dessert was just enough sweet at the end of the meal to counterbalance the spices.

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