Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kolchak Terror in the Woods Is Alive!

Kolchak: The Night Stalker was a childhood favorite of frykitty’s, and she has long wanted to do a series of boxes based on the show. She hopes that the Idaho contingency of Letterboxers enjoy this special series, and if you aren't familiar with the 70s television series (and are not allergic to polyester), check it out!

This is a 2 mile walk (round trip) with no significant elevation, though there are some brief, small slopes when accessing the actual boxes. You will crawl over and/or under fallen trees if they have not been removed. This non paved section of the Greenbelt can be high traffic in the warmer months with kids, dog walkers, fishers and an occasional transient. However, at this time of year the trail has been very deserted and is not overly muddy or icy. At any time, you are probably more visible than you think you are. Be extra sneaky and re-hide each box exceptionally well as these boxes are on loan and we do not want any of them to turn up missing.

The Pei’s of adventure have enjoyed this trail immensely and have been off leash during all of our walks once away from Eagle Road. Please also print the clues to Roots and Shoots BOM as two of the boxes are on this trail (in the same container). It would be a shame to miss them while you are there as all of these boxes are only available for a very limited time. They will all be pulled at the end of March.

A mental note that there are 14 boxes in the Kolchak Series. Be sure to look for bonus box clues inside the boxes you find. Also Kolchak has shared some of his tool of the trade with you. Depending on when you visit the boxes there may or may not be some of his favorite charms for you to collect. If there are multiples of any one particular charm please only take one and leave the remaining charms for others. If you are fortunate to find the whole set you will have five different charms for your collection.

Thank you to frykitty, Sahalie, Dancingpecan and The Wolf Family for sharing your amazing carvings and creativity with the boxers in Idaho.

Have a terrifying time! Blackvelvetrav

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