Friday, February 8, 2013

Published RubberStampMadness Spring 2013

I feel incredibly blessed to have art that I have created featured in the Spring 2013 edition of RubberStampMadness (RSM) Magazine. I am posting this entry on both my Letterboxing and Crafting blogs since the article includes both stamped cards and letterboxing LTC’s.

I discovered RSM Magazine in 2008 at the Live and Breathe event in Oregon thanks to my one of my 30 cabin mates (Yikers). Yikers had copies to share in her suitcase and I snatched one up to read on the plane back to Boise. I really appreciate RSM’s commitment to the art of rubber stamping and sharing stamping resources via the companies that purchase ad space in the magazine. I love to find stamps that are unusual and interesting and many of the best vendors can be found advertising in RSM.

I was approached by the editor of RSM in early 2012 about being featured as LTC’s of mine had ended up in her hands. I was shocked as the inquiry came totally out of the blue and was very humbled that she thought my creations were worthy of being published. I discovered that a little elf named Angela was responsible for my LTC submissions. Per the editors request I created additional stamped cards and submitted them for consideration. They were mainly focusing on hand carved images but they also selected one of the cards I created that was stamped exclusively with store bought stamps.

Unbeknownst to me RMS was just preparing to feature Steampunk in an upcoming issue. My timing for the article was really off because I was neck deep in Steampunk after our local Letterboxing event and almost all of my submissions contained Steampunk elements, images or flair. I offered to start over with new submissions but because Steampunk had in fact gathered so much steam they held over my submissions to feature in 2013.

The whole process was incredibly interesting from this end. Their writer would send me e-mail after e-mail of questions and I would do my best to answer them. They varied from who I am and what I do personally and professionally, how my cards and LTC’s were created, how my creative process works etc. I swore that she must have thought I was a real nut job based on my replies but upon seeing the article I was amazed at how she pulled it all together without me sounding completely insane. Although personally I know that my sanity level is often just a little off center.

Personally I would like to thank Angela for believing in me and my ability with stamps, pens and glue. I am so critical of my own creations that I would have never imagined that my art was worthy of being featured to the extent that it has been. And also a big thank you to RMS for the wonderful publication that consistently inspires and challenges those of us who are addicted to rubber stamping.

If you have not had a chance to pick up a copy of RSM be sure to order a subscription on-line or check out your local craft stores for the most current issue.


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  1. This is so ou' awesome!! So very cool!

    You, my friend, and your wonderful art are so worthy of being featured :-)



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