Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just When You Thought It Was Safe on the Trail

I didn't want to frighten anyone off the trail as the Kolchak Series made it's limited debut here in Idaho but as I was planting the series I did find true terror on the trail.  Hidden just under a bit of bark and snow I found the weapons pictured above.  This was the first time I had unearthed anything along these lines while letterboxing.  I didn't want to leave these items to chance with inquisitive children and curious dogs on the trail so I brought the arsenal of knives back home for safe keeping.  You never know what demons, werewolves or vampires may have owned and used such hideous weapons.  Only Kolchak can solve the crime before the boxes disappear!


  1. Do you think they may have been used in a crime? If you suspect any wrongdoing you might want to report the find to the police.

  2. I suspect you discovered the stash of a 'tween-er boy...I'm sure his mother would be pleased that you took them for safe-keeping :-)

    It is creepy to find a filet knife, a bone saw and a skinner out on a trail though.

  3. I do think it was a teen that was hiding the lot of weapons. This path is on the edge of a couple of farms and I am betting that some boys made off with their dad's tools and hid them for their own use. The were not counting on my super finding skills to spoil their fun.


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