Thursday, March 21, 2013

Faery Fantastic Birthday Gifts

I met Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) for lunch this week and I was not expecting her to walk in the door with two giant birthday packages for me. Since my birthday is not until next week I was really caught off guard. It was funny because the server at the restaurant kept coming by to see if I had opened the gifts yet. They were so beautifully wrapped that she was dying to see what was inside. We also had a slightly awkward moment when our server gushed about how good I smelled.

To my surprise Kelly had been seeking the guidance and wisdom of our local faeries and she amazed me with the most magical set of birthday gifts I have ever received. Since we are both sworn to hold the confidences and secrets of the Fae until our event in October I am unable to share most of my charming and delightfully magical gifts with the human world at this time. But I did get special permission to share one of my most sacred gifts. It is not every day that you are treated to the viewing of such a unique piece of the Faerie realm. If you are looking at the picture and are questioning the magic you are seeing then it might just mean that you are not ready to enter the enchanted world of the Fae. Never fear we will take you by the hand in October and will lead you down the path into the world of the Fae. Until then enjoy this special glimpse of their world and share in my delight at such an amazing and unique gift. Thank you Pixie Dust Gal for all the magic and friendship you add to my life!

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