Thursday, May 30, 2013

Full Faery Immersion Preparing for Our October 5th Event

It’s not just enough to pick a theme for an event and carve a few stamps.  An event planner is called to explore and capture the flavor and essence of the events theme.  Many hours of diligent research are required to bring the theme to life for those they hope to share the event with.  Sacrificing endless hours exploring…questing…researching…crawling on your hands and knees to investigate every nook and cranny that whispers in your ear that what you seek may be hidden under the a sea of soft grass…it is the tireless pursuit of the Fae that have driven me to leave no fungi undiscovered…no bird twitter un heard…no acorn ignored…Ripped leaves…moss trails…mysterious encounters…tread softly if you are following me into the realm of the Fae…perhaps you too will be allowed a glimpse of their magical world…

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