Sunday, June 9, 2013

Checking on Boxes In Idaho City

Today Anthony, Martin and I rode our motorcycles to Idaho City and visited the historic Pioneer Cemetery to check up on two letterboxes. One of the boxes is mine and the other was one that I had to move because the tree stumps completely crumbled and has since been removed.  Although my right hand is sprained and has a partially torn tendon I took Advil before and after the ride and my hand managed okay.  It actually hurts more for me to craft, type and do small tasks than it does to ride my motorcycle.  All I keep wondering is when this darn injury is going to heal.
One of my favorite aspects of this cemetery (that was founded in 1863) is the iron work that still stands.  Even though I have a million pictures of this wooded cemetery I just could not resist taking a few more snap shots today.  The iron work standing today (even with so much time passing and land erosion) is very solid and beautifully weathered.  I noted today that one of the fences surrounding tomb stones that I took a picture of has a small plaque that reads “The Stewart Iron Works Cincinnati Ohio”.  I did a quick search and the company that created this iron fence is still in business creating amazing iron works.  I think it’s pretty neat to see that their fence has stood the test of time.  It has really made me wonder how many of the fences up there were created by the Stewart Company and if the other companies who created the iron that we see today in the cemetery are still in business too. 
It was kind of funny because this was Anthony’s first visit to the cemetery.  Martin has been there twice with me before (on motorcycle) letterboxing.  It’s great to have noxer friends who are willing to letterbox with you even if it’s not a hobby they are involved in.  Martin has been a family friend for years and years and is always a great sport about allowing me to combine motorcycle riding and Letterboxing.  We stopped at Trudy’s for lunch before heading back to Boise.

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