Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day Two Evening Adventures in Coeur d'Alene

Our second evening was originally planned to be spent on the high seas swash buckling with other wayward rogues.  We were in our room preparing for our adventure when I noted that Captain Dally was appearing to be a bit of a wilted flower.  The two games he had umpired in the high 90 degree heat had really zapped his energy.  But the deciding factor of our evening was the fact that he found out that he would be umpiring the first game of the morning at the plate bright and early.  He figured that the amount of grog he would need to consume to feel comfortable wearing his pirate costume in public would be more than would allow him to actually make it to the game in the morning.  I had to concede that the kids (and umpiring reputation) took priority over our planned evening of pillaging and plundering.  I insisted we snap a couple of pictures before we changed for the night and thus our pirate pictured above.  We zipped up our outfits for our next pirate opportunity and returned to our land lubber clothes for the night.

We made our way to the Couer d’Alene resort and enjoyed some amazing appetizers at the patio bar overlooking the lake watching the sun set.  The appetizers were so filling that we never made it to dinner. It was a picture perfect evening even though we spent it on shore vs. on the water.  The pirate in me is still eager to let loose but we will save those adventures for another day.

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