Thursday, November 28, 2013

Confessions of a Book Addict

A couple of years ago my son Alex purchased me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  At first I thought it was "okay" but I was not sure how much I would really use my new toy.  A week later I found that the Kindle and I were inseparable.  I keep my Kindle with me almost all the time and always have it ready to roll for trips with books, videos and music downloaded from my cloud to entertain me on the road.  I play Words with Friends on it and listen to my Pandora music every day at work streaming via my Kindle.  My Kindle Fire rocks! 

One of the really amazing features about owning a Kindle is when a new book is released or I am ready to start the next book in a series I have instant access to the book.  In the case of new book releases I often pre-order the book via Amazon and it magically shows up on my Kindle the minute it is released.  No more running all over town trying to locate a new book when it is finally available.  I receive instant novel gratification via my Kindle.

Since having access to books at the touch of a finger now I have discovered that I have a ferocious appetite for books.  I have always been a consistent reader but now I devour books at an alarming rate.  I am not an English major or a literary scholar but I love a good read and am pretty easy to please.  Give me an interesting story line, colorful characters, toss in a little suspense and flavor it with the supernatural and I am all over it.

I realized that I might be a book addict the other day when a new book was released and I sat looking at my screen with absolutely no clue which series the book was from.  I actually had to open the reviews for it on Amazon to see which book proceeded it and then had to go to that book to reacquaint myself with who the characters were and what the story line was.  I have quite a few books on my Kindle that I have yet to start and to compound my addiction I have the brand new book "S" pictured above that I am dying to crack open.  On occasion I still purchase actual physical books like "S" that are unique, and books that I need for crafting or art but the majority of the books I read now are on my Kindle.

It's hard keeping the characters and their plights straight.  I have fought in the arena with the Hunger Games, lived in the Dauntless compound with Divergent, spent quite a bit of time with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, tromped through the forest with Faire Folks, I know all the secrets of the Beautiful Creatures, I have experienced the Dark Fever, visited the Night Circus, have seen the Wolf Gift first hand and know the Matched ceremony as if I had participated.  The list of worlds, countries and times in history I have visited, characters I have cheered for and the hours of pleasure I have received from escaping mentally is truly staggering. 

As I sit back a little over full from an amazing turkey dinner this evening it will most certainly be with my Kindle or book in hand ready to dive in with both feet.  Hi my name is Kelly and I am a book addict.


  1. "hello Kelly. You are welcome here at BA! Are you on Goodreads? Its lovely - you can keep track of the books you want to read! List list list! It is social media but you can have friends or not - link it to facebook or not! check out the Outlander series - good fun!

  2. Thank you for the invitation. I am actually on Shelfari via Amazon but still struggle to keep my reads updated as I shift from one book to another so quickly and add more to my list of planning to read books. Whew! Glad I am not alone!


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