Saturday, November 30, 2013

Advent Charm Bracelet Gift

My friend Kelly (Pixie Dust Gal) is such a wonderfully creative soul.  She comes up with so many lovely ideas and special items for others all year long.  She has a wonderful talent for jewelry making (which is not a gift of mine).  I marvel at her vision and love the jewelry that she has created for me.  I wear my  necklaces and earrings quite often.

I thought Kelly would be the perfect person to create an Advent Bracelet gift for.  I purchased a sterling silver bracelet, 25 miniature charms, 25 tiny brown bags and assembles an Advent Basket filled with the tiny treasures. 

I stamped each bag with the dates of December 1- 25 and added holiday images.  I then mixed up the charms and beads.  Wrapped each one in holiday themed tissue and added each to it's individual bag that I sealed with scraps of ribbon and a staple.

Each day Kelly will open a bag and add a charm on to her Advent Bracelet until Christmas Day when the bracelet will be complete.  I love the idea of creating an advent gift that is not just for children but also for adults.  A reminder of the season and how special they are for almost an entire month.

Kelly opened my gift today and now it is safe to blog what I have been up to.  I have been dying for her to open it for a week now.  It's been torture waiting.  I can't wait to see the bracelet completely assembled after the 25th.

Added in some Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Christmas Chocolates

All Wrapped Up and Ready for Delivery

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