Thursday, December 26, 2013

309 Days Till Halloween 2014

There are only 309 Days (10 Months and 5 Days) until Halloween 2014! Thank you very much for the Day After Christmas clearance sale at Hobby Lobby to provide me with my new Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Tree at 66% off! Since I was at work all day I just ran over and got the very last one (the display). People in line with all their clearance red and green decorations, statues and wrapping were looking at me like I was bananas buying a black tree.  It is very slim and 6 feet tall (pre-lit).  Gee, is it too soon to set it up?  I am totally giddy!

I do need to fluff it up for the holidays but I was so excited to get it home and plug it in. I only have three ornaments (2 from Hallmark and one from the Disney Store) and my stuffed Jack to decorate it so far but I have great ideas in mind. Vintage Old World bats, owls, black cats, candy corn, spiders and lots more Jack.  Hello Halloween!  

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