Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cookie Decorating Day

Today was cookie and cupcake decorating day at the Davis house.  I spent Friday evening baking 2 batches of sugar cookies, one batch of chocolate cupcakes and a batch of Shortbread Chocolate Chip cookie dough.  I even snuck in a few Shar-Pei sugar cookies.
Bright and early I headed to Star to start our holiday festivities.  Toby (5) Kiowa (4) and little Jedidiah (2) were complete angels as I set everything up for our decorating party.  Aryn was put to work putting on Christmas music, preparing holiday drinks and stocking up the oven for cooking the shortbread cookies.
Each of the kids had their own tray of decorative candies, sprinkles and sugars.  We started with me frosting the cupcakes and each of the kids decorating one at a time.  We moved on to each of the kids receiving their own small bowls of frosting and they worked at putting frosting on each of the cookies and adding their own decorations to each.  The kids were amazing and were so proud of their tasty holiday treats.  Even little 2 year old Jedidiah focused on doing his decorations although we did note that he licked just about everyone he got his hands on and he may have eaten more decorations that he used.  I was so proud of how well behaved the kids were and how sweet they are.  Little miss Kensington (4 months old) even woke up from nap time and I was able to have a few minutes admiring those adorable chubby cheeks of hers.  What fun!

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