Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BVR Signature Stamp Take Two

I have been working on updating my signature stamps.  I wanted to shorten my trail name so I abbreviated BlackVelvetRav to BVR.  I also wanted a bit of magic in the images.  The first BVR carving I completed in 2013 (on the left).  As I have used the stamp I realized she is a little large and wide for smaller log books.  I am now introducing BVR number two.  She is a little smaller both horizontally and vertically.  I think the two stamps will give me a few more stamping options.  It's way overdue for me to update my signature stamps so I will probably keep working on variations of this image.  They also make fun LTC's.  I only made one of each card just for myself but may make LTC's of them in the future to give to other Letterboxers.

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