Sunday, March 16, 2014

Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom - Adult Animals Only

The Call of the Wild!

Rainforest Café

The Tree of Life

Dug & Russell

Goofing Around with Dug and Russell

The Tree of Life

Bug's Life - It's Tough to be a Bug

Flights of Wonder Show

Kilimanjaro Safari

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

Look who's behind me!

Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade

Dinosaur Ride

Dinosaur Ride

Watch out for the Yeti!

Tusker House Restaurant

Out last day in the Florida was spent at the Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom.  We started off the day with breakfast at the Rain Forest Cage and then totally enjoyed a relaxing day at the park.  It was a cooler day that Wednesday but it didn't rain.  We had the same half empty park that we experienced in the Magic Kingdom.  The wait for rides, meals and shows was 5 to 15 minutes maximum.  We rode all the rides together except for the Everest Ride.  We were headed to dinner at the Tusker House (African Flavored Cuisine) and with it traveling backwards I opted out of spoiling my appetite after I overhead others exiting talking about how queasy they were.

A word of warning that Mr. Dally likes to hold his hands high up in the air on roller coasters.  If you are sitting in front of him or next to him watch out because you are going to get hit in the head over and over again.

Some of our favorites at the park were Finding Nemo Musical, Flights of Wonder Bird Show (I got to go up on stage), The Bug's Life Show, walking and touring to see all the animals and the parade was a lot of fun.  The Animal Kingdom is really a cross between a very large zoo and theme park.  Since we missed all the character meetings and pictures  at the Magic Kingdom we made sure to wait to meet Dug and Russell.  They were great and left us with smiles all around.  It really was a perfect ending to a long two week vacation.

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