Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pensacola Board Walk and Beach Ball Letterbox

While we were in Pensacola driving around I kept my cell phone handy and from time to time I would click on the Box Radar application to see if we were in the vicinity of any letterboxes that I would quickly nab (fast finds) without disrupting our visit to the area (since I am the only Letterboxer in the family now – aside from Raisin and Jay). As luck would have it we had a break in the weather and took the time to stroll out on to a long pier to catch the views of the ocean and shore line. Sure enough Box Radar came up with a positive result of a Letterbox right in the parking lot. I picked up the pace and walked back to the car to gather my LB backpack and headed off to locate my hidden treasure. It did start to rain a little but with a Letterboxing find freshly stamped in my logbook the rain did not dampen my spirits.

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