Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pensacola Lighthouse Letterboxing

When Anthony and I visited Illinois and Wisconsin in 2013 we spent quite a bit of time searching for lighthouses. In Pensacola I was thrilled to learn that there was a lighthouse right on base that we could visit and even more excited when we realized that it was open to allowing you to walk up to the top. Out of all the other lighthouses we had visited there had only been one that we could go up inside because most of them were closed during the week or were inaccessible to the public. I was surprised that I was asked to walk up the 177 metal steps barefoot since I had on open backed shoes. Apparently flip flops and open backed sandals are considered unsafe so I slipped off my sandals and made the climb up and back barefoot. I am a little uncomfortable with heights so the climb and walking around the deck at the top made me a tad nervous. I felt timid and anxious at such a great height on the narrow platform. I would have never lasted as a lighthouse operator. As a bonus once again there was a Letterbox to be discovered down a nature trail to the right of the lighthouse once we had our feet back on the ground. There were actually two in the area (one each direction) but we were only able to locate one of them. Anthony was a good sport to Letterbox with me and he even got me a lighthouse map of all the lighthouses in the United States and lighthouse charm for my charm bracelet at the gift shop.

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