Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas - Lock

And last but not least I present Lock from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Lock is also a vast improvement over the Lock from 2007.  I like the addition of the textured outfit and cage he is holding.  I really do not enjoy re-carving images but since these images are for another boxer and they have a little more zip and pizzazz it was a pleasure to carve them.  Also Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite of mine so the inspiration was not to difficult to muster.  Since I think I have a wee bit of time before these need to reach their destination I may make some LTC's before I slip them in the mail.  It will depend on how creative I feel and the other obligations on my plate but they are the perfect size for LTC's and it would be a shame to not play with them a little before they depart. 

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