Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Planting with Pixie Dust Gal in Eagle Idaho

This afternoon Kelly (Pixie Dust Gal) and I hit the trail in Eagle to plant 4 boxes.  I carved the stamps and put together the containers for her.  Then she created logbooks and LTC's for each.  We both finally had an afternoon free and today was a perfect planting day.
Kelly selected a really great walking path for the boxes.  They will be accessible by everyone and there is even some shade provided by the trees along the way.  Another bonus is that Kelly will be able to monitor these boxes easily as they are in her home town of Eagle. 
We were really fortunate to only see a few Muggles on the trail and had all four boxes hidden safe and sound before anyone caught us in the act.  Aside from Kelly getting struck in the forehead by a branch we left the train no worse for the wear.
We also enjoyed a relaxing lunch on the outdoor patio at Bardenay Restaurant in Eagle next to the Boise River. We both had sort of skipped our regular lunch hour so this was a treat.  They have a very flavorful chicken satay selection and salad combination (your choice of house salad or Caesar salad).  It is a favorite of us both.  "Bardenay" is a term used loosely by sailors in place of the word cocktail.
Bardenay Restaurant: 
Happy Hunting!

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