Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Camp Cooking by Chef Dally

It's time to share Anthony's gourmet camp cooking.  As humble as Anthony is he really can whip up some amazing meals with a camp fire, two sticks and a small gas stove.  Isn't there a saying about food never tasting as good as it does when you are camping?

Between my blogs, Facebook and Pinterest I tend to post a lot of food pictures (yes I am guilty of this annoying practice) epically from unique meals including restaurants new to us, interesting and beautiful food presentations and plating. I ask you who can resist pictures of sinfully wicked desserts.  Not me!

Camping lends itself to meat on a stick, ramen noodles, marshmallows, chips and salsa and the best darn breakfast potatoes you can imagine.  Plating is simple and uncomplicated. A large majority of the time we utilize paper plates that can be tossed into the fire when we are done eating.  And don’t forget your favorite refreshments.  With two of us at camp now (vs. having the kids with us) we have significantly cut back on planning "real" meals and just eat whatever is the simplest to make and clean up after.  It’s pretty simple to clean your sticks in the fire and toss your plants in too.  On this trip Anthony was amazing.  He shopped for all our groceries and prepared all of our meals.  How is that for total relaxation on my end?  You just have to love and appreciate a man who will shop, cook and clean up for you.
And at camp nothing goes to waste as Raisin and Jay are always underfoot for dropped items, leftovers and the occasional handout. 

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