Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Camp Fire Starters a Bust

Pinterest is such a visual narcotic for me. I am drawn to all the amazing pictures, DIY projects, recipes, imaginative artistic endeavors etc.  It is insanely addictive and delicious all at the same time.  After I was introduced to Pinterest I started my own board:  The Magic of Black, White and Red.  All items on my board feature variations, hues or shades of this color scheme and the magic that can be found within.  How could I just be a voyeur when I could participate in pinning?

One of the ideas I was really looking forward to trying were DIY fire starters for camping. For six months I lovingly saved toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls, stuffed them with dryer lint and rolled them by hand in newspaper. I was proud as punch to show Anthony my amazing fire starters. I carefully placed them in the fire ring, built up a little wood on top of them, Anthony lit them and NOTHING HAPPENED. It was like a fire cracker that never pops. After about 10 attempts to get them to light (how embarrassing) Anthony finally got busy building the fire the old fashioned way with crumpled newspaper and small sticks. He said that he was able to build the fire in spite of my wonderful Pinterest project.  Back to the drawing board on DIY camping fire starters.  Maybe I need to dig up that pin of mine and delete it from my board.  There was nothing magical about them!

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