Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free Range Camping

This past weekend Anthony and I Free Range Camped (also known as Primitive Camping, Wilderness Camping or Disbursement Camping). My definition of Free Range Camping is driving in a general direction of where you want to camp without a plan or reservations, taking an adventure with each turn you make until you find the perfect camping hideaway that you never dreamed existed.  It can be a bit of a risk but often the rewards outweigh the uncertainty.

Disbursement Camping:  "All National Forest lands are open to camping unless otherwise posted. The advantages to this type of camping are many: peace, solitude, and adventure. There are, however, a few 'drawbacks'. You'll need to have a fire permit, bring your own water or purify water from lakes, streams, or springs. Be sure to make your camp at least 100 feet from all water sources. Since there are no toilet facilities, please dig a hole at least six inches deep for disposal of your human waste." - USDA Forest Service   

With Free Range Camping you give up noisy neighbors, screaming 4 wheelers kicking up dust every 30 minutes, loud generators in the middle of the night, families who can't camp without TV's and music pumping at full blast, kids taking short cuts through your camp site, your furry family members being on leashes all day and daily camping fees. What you gain is complete solitude, quizzical neighbors of the chirping and buzzing variety, a do-it-yourself powder room, the lulling of an amazing creek at your camp site and total and complete relaxation.

Go Free Range and you may never return to civilization again!

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