Monday, July 7, 2014

Lola Creek Campground - Challis National Forest

We are back from our third weekend camping this summer. We headed a different direction for the 4th of July and camped about 20 miles outside of Stanley, Idaho (Sunbeam, Idaho) at the Lola Creek Campground in Challis National Forest.
Although we prefer free-range camping this campground was very close to many of the trails we wanted to hike this past weekend and it did give us the comforts of well-water, a vault toilet and garbage service.  At $10 per night it really was not an issue to stay at the campground.  And the campground and toilet were immaculately maintained. 
We were very lucky that the two campers close to us were the most quiet folks in the world. One retired couple never made a peep all weekend (hardly ever saw them outside of their RV) and the cowboy across from us slept on a cot out in the open and had his horse with him to ride during the day across the street from the campground.  There were children down at the other end of the campground but they never seemed to venture our direction so our stay was very peaceful.  We made sure to keep Raisin and Jay on their leads while at camp as almost every camper had at least one dag with them.
Lola Creek ran right behind our camp site (# 3) and the weather was fantastic all weekend (much cooler than Boise). There was plenty of shade no matter the time of day at our site.  Our only complaint all weekend (no matter where we went) was those darn nasty mosquitos.  There were lots and lots of them at camp and on the hiking trails.  They were quite persistent with both of us and the dogs.  We did have three citronella candles burning at camp and we also layered ourselves with quite strong insect repellent.  I even got desperate for the sake of the dogs and sprayed the backs of them with some too.  It was not an ideal solution but it helped quite a bit.  Since returning to Boise I have purchased some pet safe insect repellent that contains natural citronella oil for the dogs for our next camping trip.  
Our first night in camp we tried the gourmet marshmallows I brought along from 240 Sweet. They were so sticky and tasty.  They are amazing compared to traditional marshmallows.  We brought along a different flavor to try each evening.

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