Monday, July 7, 2014

Marsh Creek Trail Hiking - Challis National Forest


On Friday we hiked the Marsh Creek Trail. The trail head was just down the road from our camp site at the Lola Creek Campground.  Raisin, Jay and I hiked a little over 5 miles round trip and Anthony hiked the whole 10 miles to the Big Hole. It's nice that we can tuck our smaller hikes into his larger ones.
I found it humorous that they post no Hang Gliders in this Wilderness area. I think hang gliding would be out of the question with all the trees.  But who knows it is on the sign for a reason as someone must have attempted it.   
 We did not see very many people on the trail but were passed by a family on horse back. Although this is a burn area it was beautiful. The creeks were roaring, wildflowers blooming and the weather was perfect. This is a great trail for dogs and people of all fitness levels. Some inclines but mostly rolling and plenty of shade even with the burned areas.  At this time of year there were many creeks with water which was important for the dogs.  Although we carry water with us for them it's nice when they can also stand in it to cook off.
In the future this would be a great trail for Letterbox planting.  There is a vault toilet and picnic tables near the trail head and corrals for horses too.  We packed lunch but the dogs and I ate ours back at camp.  Anthony ate his on the trail.  As with our camp site there were a lot of mosquitos on the trail so bug spray, sun screen and a hat were important items to account for.

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