Thursday, August 28, 2014

Early Morning Find and Re-Carve

On Wednesday I had time in the morning to pull up Box Radar and to my delight discovered we were staying 3 minutes from a Letterbox.  I hustled and got myself together and zipped over to nab the Letterbox before everyone was ready to leave for the day.  I found "Kisses for Hagar" at the Cedar Glen Lodge.  The gal at the front desk was so cute.  She knew about the box which was hidden with the Hershey Kisses they use from smores.  She said they trust everyone on staff with money but she does not trust anyone with the chocolate kisses.  I stamped in and was back to the cottages before anyone even noticed I was missing. 

I also had some time this morning to work on a re-carve that I have needed to complete for quite some time.  I do not enjoy re-carves because I have that "been there - done that" mentality.  I had to hunker down on this one as this stamp is # 12 in my Wizard of Oz Box of the Month collection.  It is called There's No Place Like Home.  The Box of the Month had enjoyed 11 months and two weeks in the wilds before a Muggle took the box (complete with leather logbook and the last stamp of the series).  Oh, the horror of having that happen after an entire year.

I need this stamp for a mini meet next Friday so I was forced to re-carve the image.  Usually when I re-carve the results are quite better than my first attempt.  In this case I think that my original image may have been a bit better than it's replacement (the old image and the new stamp are above).  Either way I am just thankful that I have it ready to roll so the pressure is off for me to get it done.  I also need to mail it off to a couple of places as they never received it due to the theft of the box.  Now I just need to make a logbook when we return home. Whew!

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