Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mountains Mud and Marsh Creek Trail

With the rain storm last week not only did Boise get hit but also the mountain areas. The streams, creeks and rivers were full of dirt and debris. Clean and clear two weeks ago this trip they looked like a dirty mess.  Because this is a burn area you could see the erosion that the hard rains had caused as the water swept up dirt on it's path traveling down the mountains.
On Friday and Saturday Raisin, Jay and I hiked Marsh Creek Trail and it was easy to spot the changes on the trail due to the storm. We encountered many trees across the path where none had been before and quite a few pockets of mud that we trudged through. All and all it was still a beautiful hike with moderate temperatures, wild flowers still blooming and now wild raspberries too.
We were camping from Thursday to Sunday and even upon leaving Sunday the creeks and river had still not settled down and were almost as dirty as when we arrived.  I am not sure how long it takes for the dirt to settle in the churning water but I would not have wanted to swim or fish in it.  However, the dogs didn't mind standing in the creek to cool off mud and all.  No wonder they are in serious need of a bath now.  They are really stinky!

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