Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Campfire Orange Brownies

In June we made sinfully wonderful Campfire Orange-Brownie's for the first time while camping in Stanley, Idaho. Anthony and I made these for the hiking group after a long day on the trail and they were a delicious hit with everyone. So simple – just an orange, some brownie, (or cake), mix, and heavy duty foil. The tops of medium-large oranges are sliced off and the insides are scooped out. Then they are filled, (2/3 full), with brownie or cake batter, recapped, and wrapped in foil. The foil-wrapped, hollowed-out oranges act as mini-ovens, baking the brownies or cake mix while protecting it from the scorching effects of direct heat. They tasted and smelled divine! I saved the insides for smoothies at home.  I will be sure to keep this recipe handy for camping trips, parties or gatherings.

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