Friday, April 8, 2016

Day Hiking Packing Tips By Jay The Adventure Pei

It's important as the Pei of Adventure that I share my packing (for day hiking) knowledge with my fellow furry friends.  It takes a little planning and human Sherpa's (dad and mom) who are willing to carry your hiking stash but it's important to be prepared on the trail.  Here is a list of my hiking necessities:
  • Special blend of dog snacks.  I like to pack a combination of Hip Action Dog Treats by Zukes, all natural chicken strips and beef rolls.  You can create your own mix based on your favorite energy snacks.  Snacks are important to give you a boost of energy at the 1/2 way point of your hike.
  • Collapsible water dish and lots of water.  A Pei needs to stay hydrated on the trail especially if there are no lakes, streams or rivers to provide water breaks.
  •  RuffWear Grip Trex Breathable Dog Shoes.  To protect paws from sharp rocks, hot sand, goat heads, snow etc.  Anything that will rip up my paws.  I did loose a shoe last weekend (gasp!) so now I pack my new shoes and one extra from the old pair as a back up just in case.
  • RC Paws Dog Socks.  The key to keeping my shoes on (most of the time).  I have 4 pairs that I rotate as mom washes them after each hike when I need to wear my shoes.  They get pretty dusty and dirty or stinky and wet depending on the trail conditions.
  • Tick Twister - Tick Removal Tool to use on my humans in case they are wearing ticks when we return to the truck.  Serious Ick!
  • Neatly pressed colorful bandana.  A Pei needs to look snazzy on the trail.  Need I say more?  Washed and ironed after each hike.
  • A new Papaya and Lava colored backpack so mom can carry your necessities and tangerine colored poles to keep her upright in case I pack her backpack too heavy.  Thanks Dad for hooking mom up!
  • A seat cover for the back seat of the truck so you are not stuck riding in the bed of the truck without air-conditioning or heat.
  • A cell phone with a great camera to capture my epic hiking adventures and a human photographer.  I am all paws when it comes to selfies!    
  • And last but certainly not least you do need to pack extra drinks, food, sunscreen, lip balm, an emergency whistle, poles, TP, folding shovel, blister prevention kit etc. to keep your humans well cared for on the trail so they make it back to the truck in one piece.    
   See you on the trail soon!  Jay the Adventure Pei

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