Monday, April 25, 2016

Friendly Characters and Amazing Sweets at Aria

It's so much fun in Las Vegas to meet friendly characters and sample amazing sweets.  We managed to do both at Aria.  We actually visited the Jean Philippe French Pastry Shop twice.  Once to soak in all the splendor of the chocolate shop and the second visit was to sample the delicacies in the pastry case.  It was so hard to decide on the sweets we both wanted to sample.  I finally picked a Key Lime Tart with Mango Filling and Anthony selected a Chocolate Eclair.  Neither dessert disappointed and we learned that you can visit the Pastry Shop until very late at night.  On Friday and Saturday nights they are open until 2:00 a.m.  One just never knows when your sweet tooth might strike.  Especially after spending time with the Mario Brothers gang.  It would be fun to revisit the Pastry Shop each season to see the new displays and confections being offered.  And of course to sample the new offerings in the pastry case.  Las Vegas definitely caters to every indulgence you can dream up including mouth watering sweets!    

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