Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pin-Up Carving Virgin No More

Yep, I was a Pin-Up carving virgin until I dove in and decided to sign up for a Pin-Up Exchange organized by mudflinginfools. My Pin-Up swap partner is Rising Pheonix from CT. I finished my carving this past weekend and then worked on some quick LTC’s. I doubt my stamp is anywhere as naughty as most of the Pin-Up’s out there. In fact I actually kept my teenagers in mind (no nudity - Just adult theme) when carving as they are always milling about. I hated to end up in a dark closet with my headlamp to carve my first Pin-Up. Tomorrow my naughty Pin-Up masterpiece “Have You Been a Naughty Boy?” will mail to my exchange partner. I have seen very few Pin-Up type stamps in my 5 ½ years of letterboxing. And none of them were shared or found in Idaho. Time to return to my family friendly carvings.

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