Saturday, January 29, 2011

AQ F-Count = 400 & Mini Meet Today

Today was a combination date day and Letterboxing day. This afternoon the Boise Letterboxing gang big farewell to SereneBender. SereneBender has the truck all packed up to move to Utah and is leaving in the morning with her kids and dogs. We didn't want to miss the chance to say goodbye so we met at Sub Zero Ice cream Parlor ( to wish her well. Capperpillar made this great going away card and stamp for SereneBender to take with her. The carving is of a moving truck and it has her trail name on the side of the truck - too cute!
After our goodbye's I hooked back up with Mr. Blackvelvetrav (he was hiding out at Barnes and Noble) and we headed to Barbacoa Restaurant ( for drinks and heavy appetizers. The original Barbacoa burned down in a massive fire January 2010 and re-opened December 2010. Although we had never visited the original restaurant I took Mr. Blackvelvetrav there today as a surprise dining experience. The inside of the new restaurant is amazing. We also had the most wonderful Table Side Guacamole while we were there. The appetizers were very generous and we left very full.

We had time between our wonderful appetizer meal and decided to nab two letterboxes before catching a movie at the Edwards Theater in Downtown Boise. In honor of Serene Bender's last day in Boise we visited her "The Nutcracker - Sugar Plum Fairy" box at Boise State University. I will admit it was a very chilly 31 degrees out this evening and neither of us were dressed very warmly. I logged in as quickly as I could and we zipped back tot he car and the heater.

Our second box of the evening was "Proud Papa" by DucksInIdaho. This box was placed near St. Luke's Hospital in honor of a their new nephews birth. It just so happens that Lizman (now 16 years old) was also born at St. Luke's Hospital too. Upon entering my finds tonight I realized that "Proud Papa" was my 400th Traditional Find on Atlas Quest. I am not much of a numbers watcher and I am pretty sure I have more than 400 total between the two sites and some boxes I have probably missed logging but it was kind of cool to see my numbers grow tonight. First I would like to thank the little people (just kidding). I almost expected there to be fireworks or something (like winning a video game) when I logged in the 400th find. HA! HA! Fortunately I was able to stamp inside the car after I located the box with the heater on.

After we nabbed the box we caught a movie and then stopped by P.F. Changs to pick up dessert to bring home. I have been on the go since 6:00 a.m. today. It would figure that I was not able to sleep in on the one day of the week that I can.

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