Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Secret Santa Gizmo

We have a Secret Santa gift giving party at work tomorrow. Nothing screams Christmas to me like Gremlins.

Cute...Clever...Mischievous...Intelligent...Dangerous... all the makings for a great Secret Santa mystery. I themed my 5 gifts based on the word "GIFTS" around Gremlins. Above is a silly little card I made to go with my gifts. I carved Gizmo this evening pretty quickly so I could make my own card and decorate the gift bags to match. I felt like a contestant participating in a timed carving contest working on him as quickly as I could.

My next decision will be to decide Gizmo's future in the Letterboxing world but for now he is a Christmas Secret Santa surprise.

If you have a Mogwai don't forget the rules...

1. Never get him wet.

2. Never, ever feed him after midnight.

3. Never expose him to bright lights.

Gizmo greetings to everyone tonight!

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