Saturday, December 31, 2011

Steampunk- Librarian LTC

I signed up for the Steampunk LTC Tracker being hosted by Aiphid. With our Boise Steampunk event in the books I am the proud owner of a wonderful multitude of Steampunk images. The cards are due January 20th and I am finally getting down to business tonight on starting to create the cards. When I make LTC's I always start with a prototype. Once I have tinkered with it until I am happy I start the assembly. I only have 5 of the 25 I would like to create finished tonight. I think the Steampunk Librarian was a good choice. Her wings are larger than the card but I feel that enough of her wings are included to give you the Steampunk flavor. With the color of the paper I selected for the background I kept her coloring and clothing in the same color family. And I could not resist a bit of Steampunk flair by adding a small piece of hardware to the card. The event may be over but Steampunk is alive and well in Boise!

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