Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wizard of Oz – Tinman LTC

I realize posting my LTC's is a bit of a box spoiler but when you spend so much time carving and creating it's hard not to share them especially with my Letterboxing friends who live out of state. My Wizard of Oz Box of the Month just received the fourth stamp this morning. Tinman arrived with much love to the box along with a new LTC. This card is a lot of embossing and coloring but I just feel like he is a total sweetie. How could anyone resist such a kind little fellow. Each time I switch the stamps I wrap them up and mail them to Roots and Shoots Redmond who is planting them in Washington as a BOM too. They are doing double duty in two states. I am crossing my fingers that all 12 make it back to Boise in January 2013. I have a request from Warble, Scribble, Meander and Crewel once they return so they could be catching the next tornado out of town once again. You are not in Kansas any more!

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