Monday, January 2, 2012

Wandering Wanda LTC

In 2011 Wanda (of Pete and Wanda) came for a visit to Boise. It was wonderful to have her visit and stay over sine it had been years since we had crossed paths. Upon returning home from the west she wrote to ask if I might carve a stamp or two for her. I was happy to accept the offer but I have some big projects on my plate to tackle before I move on to her stamps. In the mean time I found this great little image of a hiker and it just "screamed" Wanda to me. I thought she would be fun to squeeze in while I was still looking for more impressive images to carve for her in a couple of months.

I received an e-mail from Wanda yesterday with an idea she had about a hiker hiking one direction and then the other. I actually read her e-mail three times because she must have spies watching my craft room. How on Earth would she know that I had already created one hiker and was working on LTC's to accompany the stamp.

Well, Ms. Wanda this blog post is definitely for you! Happy New Year!

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