Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day Three Morning Adventures in Coeur d'Alene

On Sunday Anthony had an early game to umpire at the fields.  I took my time in the morning while he was at the game to pack, check e-mail etc.  After his return we decided to bum around Coeur d'Alene playing tourist for the day.  Our first stop was a wonderful lunch at Bonsai Bistro across from the report. .

I loved sitting at the table watching the Koi and turtle pond at our feet.  We practiced our chop stick skills with nuts, pot stickers and our main entrees.  I am no master at the sticks but for once I was having a definite Zen experience as I was able to get everything to my lips without dropping it in my lap.  The food and service were both very good and the turtles love to shove each other off of the rocks in the pond which I thought was very entertaining.  Slow motion body slams are hilarious. 

After our wonderful meal we drove to mid town to visit the vintage and antique shops.  I stopped in one or two the day before when I was exploring on my own but was in a hurry to pick up Anthony after his games so this was finally my chance to savor all the treasures at my finger tips.

One store we visited is The Fray located on 4th Street.

I discovered this wonderful antique typewriter key bracelet and left the shop with it around my wrist.  While I was making my purchase Anthony spotted a small antique typewriter on an old dresser.  He knew I had been looking for a typewriter for crafting purposes and it was a lot less expensive than any I had seen to date.  Another shop had several of the old black metal typewriters but they were about $150+ each and I just could not see purchasing one for that amount when I wanted a crafting tool vs. a display item.  We left the shop so I could chew on it since I had already purchased the bracelet.  Anthony ended up heading back to the shop to strike a deal and purchase the typewriter for me.  I am a horrible negotiator and would have just paid full price (too embarrassed to ask for a better deal) but he was shameless in his quest and off we drove with my new crafting tool in the trunk on our way out of town.  I do have some cards that I am working on with my new (old) typewriter now that it is set up in my craft room.  Anthony purchased me a ribbon for it after we returned to Boise.  As soon as I get them finished I will post them on my Wonderland Crafting Blog.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when he bought me that typewriter.  Funny how something so old and forgotten can be a treasure in the right hands.  I am still giddy about it even today.  I wonder who used it in the past and what stories it could tell if only it could speak.  As a little bonus it also came in a black case so I can keep it covered when I am not using it.


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