Sunday, September 15, 2013

The 2013 Eagle Food and Wine Festival

Last night before the rain started we headed to the Eagle Food and Wine Festival at BanBury Golf Course.  We made it in the doors just as the wind started to really whip up and the drops started to fall.  The Eagle Food and Wine Festival celebrates the culinary and viticulture delights of Eagle by highlighting select Idaho wineries and pairing them with premier local chefs.  We met up with our friends Bob and Lisa at the event.  At first I attempted to check off the wines that Anthony sampled but lost track pretty quickly.  As he does not have a keen wine pallet (preferring beer) it ended up being a lost cause.  However, the nibbles from the restaurants were delicious.  Although I think everyone decided to skip the crawdads next time.  Only the men folk were willing to try them after they dared each other.  Money raised from the event will be distributed to three local charities:  The Wyakin Warrior Foundation, IICACC: Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Coalition and The Idaho Food Bank.  When the rain and wind finally died down we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset overlooking the golf course.

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