Monday, March 17, 2014

Boise Hiking With Dogs - Bruneau Sand Dunes

On Sunday Alex, Raisin, Jay and I met up with the "Meet Up" Group Boise Hiking With Dogs and drove out to the Bruneau Sand Dunes for the day. Seven humans and seven excited canines climbed the dunes and explored. We had a picnic at the shelter next to the lake after we were all tuckered out. It was a lovely day and Raisin and Jay were on their very best behavior. They frolicked, splashed and ran with the rest of the pack. Sometimes the Pei's can be a bit too assertive for other dogs but in this case I think they were incredibly mellow in comparison to the labs and other dogs they spent the day around. Naturally Miss. Raisin is never too impressed with the shenanigans of other dogs who zip around like they are high octane wild beasts. We have not been out to the dunes in about 3 years. This was a good time of year to visit because the sand was not hot to the touch. I have visited before with the kids when they were little and the sand was really hot. Also the temperatures are moderate currently so the desert is not blistering hot like it can be in the summer months. Bruneau Sand Dunes -

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