Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jack Skellington Style

My sister, Michelle, visited Disneyland in Florida with her family shortly after we did.  She knows I am a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan and sent me this amazing Jack Skellington hat!  It is so cool.  Anthony took a couple of pictures of me with it on and then I took it outside to photograph so you could see all the neat details and embellishments on the hat.  I totally love it and will be sure to find excuses to wear it aside from Halloween day.  Although I may put it on the top of my Black Halloween Christmas Tree when I am not wearing it.  It would be the perfect topper to the tree too.  Then I can just grab it when I want to wear it.

In addition Michelle completely spoiled me for my birthday and sent me a new black hat and black rose ear cuff.  The picture is not great of the hat above but you can see the ear cuff pretty well.  I have already worn the hat several times since it arrived and I am sure it will be in plenty of pictures.  The great thing about the ear cuff is I can wear it on my left ear which is perfect because my right ear is actually triple pierced (2 on my lobe and one up on top) but my left ear is only pierced twice on my lobe.  The hat and ear cuff are both from Victorian Trading Company which is one of my favorite catalog companies.  The earring cuff will be perfect to wear all year long casual or dressy.  Thank you Michelle for all the wonderful gifts.  You completely spoiled me!

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