Monday, August 11, 2014

Reckless Cakes at Red Horse Coffee Traders

We started our morning at Red Horse Coffee Traders on Saturday with Reckless Cakes (stuffed Corn Cakes). They were amazingly delicious. I think I may need to see if I can find a recipe for these.  They were unique and tasty and could be eaten any time of day.  I had the corn cakes filled with bacon and cheese (minus the chives).  Anthony had two corn cakes one with the bacon and cheese and the second one was vegetarian with beans and vegetables.  His also had scrambled eggs in the middle and they were topped with savory sour cream and salsa.  I wanted my topping to be sweet so selected a side of maple syrup.
Anthony zipped off for a quick hair cut at an old fashioned barber down the street while I enjoyed reading a few pages of a novel on my Kindle Fire and listened to the stream flowing while sitting in the shade. This was really the perfect start to our Blues and Brews morning.

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